Elephant Talk Indie Music Awards

The Watering Hole, 6494 Weymouth Rd, Mays Landing, NJ

2021 fall edition of the elephants for autism music festival to benefit sprouting connections is happening October 1st & 2nd at the watering hole in mays landing, NJ We will also be celebrating our local music community with the 12th annual elephant talk indie music awards All ages event/free parking/$10 per day cover More details TBA (including schedule) Sound by Mike Collins Backline TBA Art vendors please RSVP through the event page.

Friday October 1st Outdoor stages (rotating) Stage 1 6-630-TRIPPY TRIP

Stage 2 630-7-B-LEE

Stage 1 7-730-Cult Tides

Stage 2 730-8-capitol Minds

Stage 1 8-9-Shine On (Pink Floyd tribute)

Stage 2- 9-930-RIO

Stage 1 9:30-10:30-“what’s the buzz drag show” Featuring Lasha Snark and Miss Mae

***no indoor stage on Friday night

Saturday October 2nd Outdoor stages (rotating)

Stage 2 1230-1-Mike Dags

Stage 1 1-2-DirtNap

Stage 2 2-230-MegaMike Capella

Stage 1 230-3-Beneath the Oaks

Stage 2 3-330-Juggernaut Drunk

Stage 1 330-4-Ava Faretra

Stage 2 4-5-the blues reincarnation project

Stage 1 5-6-Autumn city

Stage 2 6-630-Panophonic (Tom Lugo)

Stage 1 630-730-Zenora

Stage 2 730-8-LOUD LOVE

Stage 1 8-845-Arato Brothers

Stage 2 845-915-The Paynkiller

Stage 1 915-10-Laura cheadle

Stage 2 10-1045-second half comeback

Indoor stage 1215-1245-Keith Shaw 1-130 145-215 230-3-Chuck Thomas 315-345- 4-430-the williamsboy 445-515-the surf Jerkz 530-6-the skating Party 615-645-the looms 7-8-Patty Blee 815-845-bury your brother 9-945-verside collective 10-1030-Red Desert Motel 1045-1145-Tom Maillie

Backline info: backline outside only No backline inside

Kits will be on both outside stages. Bring snare , stands and breakables. There will be 3 4/12 cabs present A bass combo unit on the smaller stage And a very nice ampeg bass speaker cab on the larger stage

We recommend bringing your heads

Bring your own microphones. (We’ll have some, if folks forget)

We’re going to have some basic lighting going on outside.

Below I posted the links for donations (both Venmo and PayPal) for sprouting connections

Donation links PayPal


Donation link Venmo


Facebook page


Our Mission

Sprouting Opportunities; Connecting people, families, and communities.

Our Goals

To provide both education and support to families, communities, and individuals. To create new job opportunities for young adults with autism and/or special needs. To continue teaching life skills and social skills to young adults. To purchase a farm and create more jobs and programs for those with special needs.

Who We Are

The idea for this organization sprouted from the concern of our founders Maryanne Dobbs-Tisera and Colleen Sumner (Wells) had for their children's' future. Many families face a stressful and unique dilemma as their special needs children grow up. There is a serious lack of programs and services available to young adults as they transition out of traditional education programs. These individuals and families are quite frequently left high and dry when their child turns 21 years old. As these concerns germinated in the backs of their minds, they decided to bring together a team of educators, therapists, consultants, community leaders and most importantly PARENTS. The founding board of Sprouting Connections is equal parts parents of special needs and highly trained and experienced professionals. Our goal is to raise awareness for this forgotten segment of society, connect families with resources and services they didn't know were available, as well as run top quality transition programs for young adults. We aim to serve a wide range of special needs and mental health concerns throughout the South Jersey area. Our programs will incorporate the knowledge and experience of our multidisciplinary team while having a solid foundation in whole person approach, evidence based interventions and positive behavior supports.

🏆Complete list of winners 2021 ELEPHANT TALK INDIE MUSIC AWARDS

Male vocalist

Overall vocalist -(middle of graphic) Nik Greeley-Nik Greeley & the operators

Top male vocalist x3 Corey Siegel-bury your brother
Gabe Perez-misery! bobby Mahoney-Bobby Mahoney & the 7th son

X1 *(Atlantic City area) Coby Alavez-roberts basement

Female vocalist Overall female vocalist-Chelsea Gohd-Foxanne

Top female vocalist x3 Laura Cheadle Shannon Nicholas-loud love Sofia Khorosh-SOF

X1 *(Atlantic City area)-Sarah holt-molly ringworm

Guitar Overall guitarist- Zach LoPresti-gnarbot

Top guitarist X3 Randy Paynter-the Paynkiller Jeffrey attakorah-the blues reincarnation project Corinne Kite-Dean-Scrimshaw

X1 *(Atlantic City area) Billy Walton-Billy walton band

Bass Overall bassist Kevin Savo-out of the beardspace

Top bassist x3 Bert Bigler-burned in effigy Audra Thomas-autumn city Johnny Bass-Matchaponix

X1 *(Atlantic City area) Mel leach-MEATPLOW

Drums Overall drummer- Ethan Feinstein-out of the beardspace

Top drums X3 Joey Hess-Ricky Hess band Zach Kelly-bury your brother John Kelly-Keifer-Zenora

X1 *(Atlantic City area) Jesse James smith-misery!

Keys (James Cheadle award) Overall keys Ricky Hess-the Ricky Hess band

Top keys x3 Ryan smith-Verside collective Nathan MacAdams-the third arrangement Sam Gutman-out of the beardspace

X1 (Atlantic City area) Rudy Kreutzer-roberts Basement

Brass/woodwinds Overall brass/woodwinds- Matt Cappy

Top Brass/Woodwinds X3 Yesseh Furaha-Ali -snack time brass band Max swan Jan Alba-Rusty & Jan

X1 (Atlantic City area) Bryan Streitfield-the indelible groove

Strings Overall strings- Sage fisher-dolphinMidWives (harp)

Top strings x3 Tim Zatzariny-red desert motel (upright bass) Joshua Barra-the Quixote project (uke) Gabrielle Martin (violin)

X1 (Atlantic city area) Jeff Caraway (mandolin)

Percussion Overall- Sean youngman-pansong/miss cantaloupe

Top percussionist x3 Kevin Grossman-karmic juggernaut J.J. Puglia-LNJ sessions Amanda Kelly-autumn city

X1 (Atlantic city area) Fred Nahas

Musician of the year Overall- Zach LoPresti-Gnarbot, out of the beardspace

Top musician x3 Danielle Johnson-Hoochi Coochi, Brown Sug Anthony Friedlander-4:44 Randy Harris-Randy Haze Trio

X1 (Atlantic City area) Billy Walton-billy walton band

Community musician of the year
Overall- Camille K

Top community musician x3 Erin fox Tom maillie Bubbles

X1 (Atlantic City) Brandon smith-honey I’m homeless

Band of the year Overall- Gnarbot

Top band x3 UGLI Loud Love Misery!

x1 (Atlantic City area) *Billy walton band

Community band of the year Overall- Shine On (Pink Floyd tribute)

Top community band X3 Arato Brothers Miss cantaloupe Castle black

X1 (Atlantic City area) MEATPLOW

Singer/songwriter Overall- Christopher Paul Stelling

Top singer/songwriter x3 Erin fox Andrea Nardello Megan Knight

X1 (Atlantic City area) YuniBri Sabatino

Overall-Katie Barbato

Top songwriter x3 DyLyn durante -UGLi Josue Gatos-Jersey calling Joey Harkum

X1 (Atlantic City area) Chip Rischell-silkworth

Album of the year (full length) Overall- Lovelorn-what’s YR damage

Top album x4 Foxanne-it’s real (I knew it) Blaise-silver linings only Gnarbot-Orgin UGLI-FUCK

Album of the year- (Atlantic City area) Overall album- Billy Walton Band-Dark hour

Top album (Atlantic City area) x2 Roberts Basement-Fuego Juggernaut drunk-Poseidon Mining co.

Album of the year winners by genre:

alternative- Lovelorn-what’s YR damage

pop- Blaise-silver linings only

progressive/fusion- Gnarbot-origin

hard rock- Zenora-bring back rock n roll-EP

metal- wax people-wax people EP

folk/americana/country- Daphne Gale-nomadder

indie- love?said the commander-pick me up

punk- Jersey calling-punk rock retirement

r&b/soul- Sophie Coran-space

Jazz/blues/classical- Matt Cappy-tales of the tape

electronic/dance/new wave- Tuff turf-brand new ways to be cruel

reggae/ska- Three fourteen-tumbleweed

hip hop/Rap- Son of the 215-veterans day 2

international album- Pandora’s bliss-big swoon

holiday album/EP- Matt Cappy-in the spirit

Album of the year-(EP) Overall- Love? Said the commander-pick me up

Top EP x2

Christiana Alessi & the toll collectors-raindrops & watercolors Aftyn-wherever I am, there you are

Album of the year-(EP) (Atlantic City area) Overall- Silkworth-long time coming

top EP x2 (Atlantic City area) Cult tides-Brittany YuniBri sabatino-hummingbird

LIVE Album of the year (full length) Dear Blanca-thank you so much, we’re Dear Blanca:LIVE

Live album of the year (EP) Chill Moody-voices of hope (live from the Belmont mansion)

Track of the year Overall- Love?said the commander-the way you make me feel

Top track x4 Brandi L M & the Bottomshelf-buried friends Randy Haze Trio-right now UGLI-house pet Autumn city-if I could

Track of the year (Atlantic City area) Overall- Honey, I’m homeless-hotels

top track x2 (Atlantic City area) Nancy Malcun-human race Cat Manning-love you so

Track of the year by Genre

Alternative- ugli-house pet

Punk- jersey calling-the broken people

Jazz/blues- Matt Cappy-electric shine

Indie- dentist-don’t let me catch you

Hard rock- loud love-heavyweight

Metal- Mickey Lyxx-1849

Reggae/ska- leaving lifted-Rosie honey

Folk/Americana- daphne gale-lifetime

Country- wild fire-long shot

R&b/soul- Sophie Coran-saltwater

Hip hop/rap- daidough-calm

Pop track- the rungs-right rooms

Live track- Wynward-Wave (live)

Holiday track- revel 9-twelve days of Christmas

Christian/gospel track- Dez childs-to my son

Acoustic band Autumn city

International band Pandora’s bliss

Metal Crow Hunter

(Atlantic City area) MEATPLOW

Hard rock Soraia

(Atlantic City area) HUXLEY

Reggae/ska Joint operation

(Atlantic City area) ILL rendition

Folk/Americana- Christiana Alessi & the toll collectors

Folk/Americana/country (Atlantic City area) The williamsboy

Country- Wild Fire

Indie Afloat

(Atlantic City area) Molly Ringworm


(Atlantic City area) Tie goes to the Runner

Punk Jersey calling

(Atlantic City area) The Burdens

R&b/soul/funk Sophie Coran

Electronic/dance/new wave TUFF TURF


Jazz- Verside collective

Blues- The blues reincarnation project

Classical- gabrielle Martin (Memphis,TN)

Hip hop/rap Duo/group- Capitol minds

(Atlantic City area) Lil Twinn x Mizzy coke

Solo- Son of the 215

(Atlantic City area) Shawn Rock

Live act Overall- Big gorgeous

Top live act x3 Nik Greeley & the operators Misery! Out of the beardspace

X1 (Atlantic city area) Roberts Basement

Performance of the year (elephant talk event) Arato brothers with MIGGY at ETIMF 12 8-7-2021

(Non Elephant talk event) Out of the beardspace-mini beard forest stage- shine on you crazy diamond

Music video- Overall- Orphan prodigy-deep bass ft. Jeff wise

Top music video x4 Misery!-everything is fine Soraia-tight lipped Huxley-what have I done Big gorgeous-crack in her hand

Elephant talk inspirations award John Hurden-the burdens & Miggy arato-arato brothers

Breakthrough artist UGLI

(Atlantic City area) Cat Manning

Elephant talk hall of fame inductees Geri Mingori band Members-Geri mingori (female vocalist) Blue eagle (drums) Michael Maiorano (bass) Kenneth Todd (keys)

Beth Tinnon (female vocalist/keys)

Tony Marts all stars Bob Ferguson (trumpet) Billy walton (guitar/vox) Danny Eyer (guitar) Brian Varheily (guitar) Jimmy “old school” Glenn (drums) Brian conover, joe McGinty (keys) Rich Kurtz (bass)

Patty Blee (female vocalist) naming the local singer/songwriter award after her

The Eddie Morgan trio Members- Eddie Morgan Jeff burnside Daryl Robinson

Elephant talk/elephants for autism person(s) of the year x5

Mike Collins-sound crew ETIMF Leslie anne Snyder-writer elephant talk Indie Trish Miracle-Botley-amazing transformations. EFA door Jack Donnelly-sound ETIMF Rick Caville & vinny marone-graphics EFA

Indie press/radio x3 Mark Rogers-hometown heroes Rusty Crowell & Jan Alba-rusty & Jan show Bob Makin-Makin waves *******************************************¥

Best festival (non elephant talk events) MiniBeard at paradise lakes campground

Best original music venue Kung fu necktie-philly

Original music Promoter- (not including myself)😉 David kiss presents…

Top cover track (live, studio & Teen) Live version- Out of the beardspace-shine on you crazy diamond

Studio version- gnarbot x Billie Eilish-you should see me in a crown

Teen- Camille k & Sina-self control

Teen Winners:

Male vocalist Overall- Jake hoopes-the age of ore

Top male vocalist x4 Dylan Trif-samsara Zach Stiars-AcT109 Andrew chojnacki-shine on Zachary Pile-kinSoul

Female vocalist- Overall- Camille k

Top female vocalist x4 Lisa Travis-11th hour Ava Faretra Riley McEvoy Annabelle Maher

Guitar- Overall- Randy Paynter-the Paynkiller

Top Teen guitarist x4 Mickey Lyxx Jay Rafael arato-arato brothers Seb Braganza-Seb shredder Josh Greeno-banned for a day

Bass- Overall bassist- Tommy Greco-banned for a day

Top bassist x4 John DeVito-Samsara Elle Saulsbury-heartBent Grace Halter-sugar Rush rocks, us & them Deven Marano-the age of ore

Drums- Overall drummer- Joey Hess-Ricky Hess band

Top drummer x4 Sean Nathaniel arato-arato brothers Ben Bustamante-samsara Luke Hoopes-the age of ore Georgie McMeila-banned for a day

Keys Overall keys- Ricky Hess-Ricky Hess band

Top keys x4 Jun Gabriel arato-arato brothers Andrew chojnacki-shine on Eli Waldman-11th hour Riley McEvoy

Teen band
Overall- Arato Brothers

Top teen band x4 Shine On (Pink Floyd tribute) Ricky Hess band The age of ore Samsara

Teen musician Overall- Ricky Hess-Ricky Hess band

Top teen musician x4 Mickey Lyxx randy Paynter-the Paynkiller Camille k Jake hoopes-the age of ore

Teen community musician Camille k

Teen community band Arato Brothers

Teen album/EP Full length- Seb Braganza-assault Ep- Act109-letters in red EP

Teen track Overall- Annabelle Maher-Landons Song

Top teen track x4 Camille k-can I be your girl Mickey Lyxx-1849 Autumn Helene-good in you (remix) Seb Braganza-assault

Teen breakthrough artist (winner) George Callahan music

Teen songwriter Autumn Helene

Top songwriter x2 Annabelle Maher Camille K

live act Overall-shine on (Pink Floyd tribute)

Top live act x2 The Paynkiller Arato Brothers